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Lecture notes on human metabolism

This is the web version of my course notes on human metabolism. These notes, and the accompanying slides, are intended for teaching human metabolism at the undergraduate level. They aim to give a big picture view of the subject that takes into account physiological and some clinical aspects. They also strive to be up to date; some biochemistry texts present all the latest and greatest enzyme crystal structures, but seem stuck in the 1960s when it comes to updating metabolic pathways. It is likely that these notes are not completely free from this disease either, and I therefore welcome any corrections and suggestions for improvement.

These course notes, and the accompanying lecture slides, are also freely available for download in PDF, Epub, and Powerpoint format.

A printed version (full color, hardcover binding) is now available at amazon and other retailers. For bulk orders at reduced rates, contact me directly.

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Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  Refresher

Chapter 3  Glycolysis

Chapter 4  Catabolism of sugars other than glucose

Chapter 5  Pyruvate dehydrogenase and the citric acid cycle

Chapter 6  The respiratory chain

Chapter 7  Gluconeogenesis

Chapter 8  Glycogen metabolism

Chapter 9  The hexose monophosphate shunt

Chapter 10  Triacylglycerol metabolism

Chapter 11  Cholesterol metabolism

Chapter 12  Amino acid metabolism

Chapter 13  Hormonal regulation of metabolism

Chapter 14  Diabetes mellitus

Chapter 15  Biosynthetic pathways using tetrahydrofolate and vitamin B12

Chapter 16  Nucleotide metabolism

Chapter 17  Iron and heme metabolism

Chapter 18  Metabolism of drugs and xenobiotics

Chapter 19  Enzyme and gene therapy of enzyme defects

Chapter 20  Credits and copyright