This page collects my textbooks, as well as some old books written by others which I found interesting, and which I have reformatted and gently edited. All are freely available for online viewing and download. However, please refrain from putting them online yourself; instead, link to them on this site. In this way, readers will always find the latest version.

Metabolism lecture notes

A textbook for undergraduate instruction. In addition to the text, you can also download the slides that I use in my own classes.

Biochemical pharmacology lecture notes

This is the short version of my pharmacology teaching text. I use it for teaching the subject to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The accompanying slides are available as well.

Biochemical pharmacology

This is the full version of my pharmacology teaching text. As PDF only.

Rural Sanitation in the Tropics

by Malcolm Watson (1915). This book deals with Watson's own pioneering and successful efforts to control malaria in South East Asia, as well as with those of the Americans in Panama during the construction of the Canal.

The Prevention of Malaria in the Federated Malay States

This is the second edition (1921) of another book by Malcolm Watson, which deals in greater detail with the early efforts to control malaria in what was then a British colony (now part of Malaysia).

Sanitation in Panama

by William Gorgas (1915). Gorgas was in charge of the sanitary work during the construction of the Panama Canal. In this book, he tells the story of this work, as well as that of the successful fight against yellow fever in Havana between 1899 and 1901. This is a facsimile recreation of the original printed book; a version that also includes the original page scans (and which I used for proofreading) is also available.

J├╝rnjakob Swehn der Amerikafahrer

In German. A novel by Johannes Gillhoff that depicts the life of a German immigrant in Iowa in the late 19th century.