Welcome to WatCut

WatCut suffered a hardware failure in early April 2014. This is its new home. I have transferred most applications and files to this new server, but all previous user data have been lost. Also, not everything on this new server has been extensively tested. If something doesn't work as it used to, please let me know.

Resources for research

WatCut – an online tool for restriction analysis, silent mutation scanning and SNP-RFLP analysis

MakeMultimer.py – a tool to generate the coordinates of missing subunits of oligomeric proteins from BIOMT matrices in pdb files.

trfit – a program for fitting fluorescence lifetime (TCSPC) decays. I haven't restored this one yet after the crash – I want to take the opportunity to fix some bugs here before I do.

Teaching resources

Micado – an online tool for the creation of reusable multiple choice exams. Still missing from the new install.

Metabolism course notes – a fairly extensive set of written notes and slides on human metabolism, all freely downloadable. Maybe useful for self-study, too.

Biochemical pharmacology course notes

Maintained by Michael Palmer, University of Waterloo