Welcome to WatCut

Resources for research

WatCut – an online tool for restriction analysis, silent mutation scanning and SNP-RFLP analysis

MakeMultimer.py – a tool to generate the coordinates of missing subunits of oligomeric proteins from BIOMT matrices in pdb files.

trfit – a program for fitting fluorescence lifetime (TCSPC) decays. I haven't restored this one yet after the crash – I want to take the opportunity to fix some bugs here before I do.

Teaching resources

Metabolism course notes – a fairly extensive set of written notes and slides on human metabolism, all freely downloadable. Maybe useful for self-study, too.

Biochemical pharmacology course notes

Resources for people who disagree with the COVID mandates unlawfully imposed by the UW administration

Open letter to UW administrators: Repeal the COVID vaccination and testing mandates

Mailing list for UW employees and students who want to defend their medical freedoms

Maintained by Michael Palmer, University of Waterloo